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    Bravery and Grace

    Grace#Braveryandgrace was sort of an epiphany that I had after two years of heartache and research. In 2016, my grandma became sick. From June to December of 2016, I took her to the ER almost weekly, and when her primary care physician threw his hands up, I took her to a specialist, who chalked it all up to diabetes.   Read More.

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    Restructuring Vulnerability

    In September 2017 I had the honor of a solo exhibition, titled, “Restructuring Vulnerability”, hosted by The Melton Gallery, a gallery associated with the art department at the University of Central Oklahoma. This body of work means so much to me because it is filled to the brim with heart and soul. It is my being poured out on a canvas, with only suggestions to the viewer as to what my mind and heart were saying. Unintentionally, I found a way to communicate important concepts ...  Read More.